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THS girls bowling team Region 12 champions


Tecumseh High School (THS) sent their boys and girls varsity bowling teams to Town and Country Bowl in an MHSAA regional tournament. This regional was one of six Division 2 regional tournaments held on February 28 and 29. Each regional conducted this past Friday (team) and Saturday (singles) featured 18 high school teams and over 100 participants for the individual tournaments. In order to make it to next weekend’s D2 State Tournament being held at Century Bowl in Waterford, a regional team had to finish in the top three. To make it to singles, high school bowlers need to finish in the top ten.
The THS girls’ team featured a seasoned bowling team fresh off their Southeastern Conference champion-ship. The boys were all rookies to regional level competition. The boys gained a lot of valuable experience, but failed to make it to state competition. A confident Lady Tribe team started off hot taking an early lead, which they would never relinquish. They consistently extended their lead in route to their MHSAA Region Twelve Championship. 
On Saturday Liza Verrier earned a D2 Regional Singles Championship. She averaged 201 for the six-game tournament. And just to make it exciting, after the six-game competition, Liza was tied with an upstart Carleton Airport freshman, Lizzie Martel. Per MHSAA rules a one game roll-off is used to decide a tie for first place. In an excellent match, Verrier rolled a big 245 game to defeat her opponent who rolled a 231 game. Verrier was the only Tecumseh bowler to make states, but  two other bowlers put forth excellent efforts. Seniors Taylor Randolph and Kaylee Pinter just missed the top ten, finishing 13th and 14th, respectively.

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