• A mausoleum is a building for the above ground interment of caskets in areas with ground not suitable for standard interment or for other reasons. You will want to speak with your selected cemetery in Minnesota or Iowa to make sure they allow mausoleums on their grounds.

  • Columbariums provide for the secure, above ground interment of cremation remains. Contact us today if you are interested in designing a columbarium for a Minnesota or Iowa memorial. We even have them available in personal memorial sizes.

  • Including a vase into your Iowa or Minnesota memorial design allows you and your family to store flowers at the gravesite in a way that is appealing.

  • Cremation markers are designed to securely hold the remains of your loved ones in the granite memorial.

  • A granite memorial made in the shape of a bench is an unusual and special choice. They can be engraved and serve as the primary marker of a gravesite, or they can be used in addition to a more standard marker.

  • Bronze markers are another flat marker option. As the name suggests, they are made out of bronze. The bronze portion can then be set onto a granite base.

  • Your city ... your heroes! Our vast experience with natural stone makes us a valuable resource for project consulting and supply. From kiosks to granite towers, statues, fountains, veteran memorials, community signage, park landscaping and fencing, laser etched walls, and monuments.