It appears there is more shoreline than water at Ken's Lake. It now contains less than 349 acre-feet of water under current severe drought conditions.
                                  Photo by Rose Egelhoff 

Ken’s Lake draws down, agency closes valve

    On a good water year, Ken’s Lake might have 1,600 acre-feet in August, but this isn’t a good year.
    As of Aug. 2, Ken’s Lake contained 349 acre-feet of water, according to Dana Van Horn, agency manager for Grand Water and Sewer Service Agency. At the 200 acre-foot mark, the outlet is exposed and the agency is unable to release any more water, Van Horn said, meaning that there is an amount of 149 acre-feet left to use.
    To deal with the drought, GWSSA has closed a valve located at Spanish Valley Drive and Chapman Lane.
    “[The valve] allows the water in the lake to be used by the irrigators between the lake and Chapman Lane. We are running pumps to supply all of the irrigators from Chapman to the end of the system. Presently, we are unable to pump above Chapman Lane. We are working with the larger users to set up watering schedules,” said Van Horn, in order to provide some water and maintain pressure in the lower part of the system.


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